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How do you papercut an image?

Lots of people ask me how I create my papercuts - it's a fair question and i've discovered mostly "with a scalpel and a steady hand" isn't an acceptable answer... So instead of trying to explain it I made a little video to hopefully explain a little bit better! 
I start by drawing the image that I want to design, normally in pencil and then over the top in a thicker, darker pen. I always cut from the back of my images to leave the front face smooth and clean - so I will generally scan my image onto a computer, reverse it and print it out in greyscale. (As you can see I didn't do that with this motorbike and ended up freestyling the logos with no writing guideline eeeek!!)
Then it's on to the cutting YAY! I use a Swann Morton scalpel and normally 160 gsm paper for a good result - I have always kept my original scalpel (it's a sentimental thing!) but I get through so many blades because as soon as the tip breaks you have to change it. I tend to move my paper around A LOT when cutting to get the right angle and just generally be able to cut how it feels comfortable for me. I started papercutting as a hobby and I enjoy it so much it's become a little business so it's very important and very lucky that I enjoy it so much!
Music in the video is Hozier 'from eden' - one of my favourite songs to papercut to - you can check them out at the link below -enjoy!